My mom has a love and appreciation for art, as do I, and she knew I wanted to buy a painting as a memory of our trip. When I was out doing a tour of Haleakala, she met you and organized for your painting to be shipped to me in time for my 33rd birthday. It arrived on time! This gift brought tears to my eyes. Although I was spoiled with other more "typical" gifts, this is the one that I will always cherish.

You have a wonderful talent and I just love this watercolour. There is something so tranquil about it. I have such a busy job and when I get home now and look at it, it really does put me right back to the beaches of Hawaii and a more laid-back, serene and balanced time. Thank you so much for the lovely birthday card and for sending this painting and meeting my mom.

Kasia ... Toronto, Canada

“Kaupo Beach” painting emotes a feeling in me of the green transitioning to the blue- making me feel both at peace and happy. Listening to Ada speak about her work is a joy and I can connect with both her and what she is trying to say through her paintings.

Andrew Maggion ... Inventor

Thank you so much for the beautiful painting. It is one we both are drawn to and will cherish.

Judy and Bob Harmes ... Lahaina, HI

We purchased “Blue Lanai” - it was because of the palms, the muted colors and the impressionistic qualities.

Carl and Jennie Peterson ... Bloomfiled Hills, MI

Really beautiful, simple and clean. I love the hibiscus!

Gail Halava ... Kahului, HI

Reminds me of my beautiful, restful trip to Hawaii with my children and grand children.

Ilene Grabel

The subjective, fabulous essence of Maui speaks to me.

Trevor SutherlandMill  + Sandie Perkowski ... New Zealand
What feelings are evoked when you look at my paintings?
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